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Are You Using a Flimsy Assessment for Hiring?

August 12, 2015

Good news: Assessment use is on the rise for hiring. Bad news: In the rush to enter the market, assessment providers are pushing out assessments (or personality tests) with a decided lack of science behind their products.

But because there’s nothing to require assessment providers to maintain reliability and validity standards, you could very well be left using tools that aren’t adequately accurate or reliable. But how would you know. Many mediocre assessments may be an improvement over using nothing at all – until they cause you to pass up an ideally  talented person or convince you to hire a person that will not be a good fit.

And then there is the risk of adverse impact.  Any reasonably good assessment, when used correctly in the hiring process, can actually serve as a strong defense if you are faced with an adverse impact challenge. Your labor and employment attorney should be able to support this claim. The challenge is in knowing how solid the assessment really is. In my experience, the actual risk on the legal side is close to zero. The risk on the time and cost side due to wrong hires is great.

Bill Bonnstetter, Founder and Chairman, TTI Performance Systems, Ltd.You, your leadership team and your entire HR organization is invited to join TTI SI chairman and founder Bill J. Bonnstetter during a LIVE webcast, Thursday, Aug. 27 at 2 p.m. (EDT), as he shares three signs assessments may not be as valid as you think and what five questions to ask before purchasing. Mr. Bonnstetter is the founder and chairman of TTI Success Insights, a global assessment company, that provides a total talent management suite of valid and reliable assessments, from organizational and individual 360’s to the recognized leader in talent assessments, the TriMetrix Talent Assessment.

After you attend the webinar, allow me to expand on what you learn, answer any questions you have and offer you a way to try before you buy. Bill won’t be selling assessments. He’ll be sharing what you need to know when evaluating your current assessment or considering entering the market to buy assessments. Even I won’t be trying to sell you anything. I, like Bill, want you to make the best decision for your company, in a manner that leads to your success.

So sign up for the webinar! And then contact me at

P.S. – Need a solid, highly valid, reliable assessment for hourly/non-professional hiring that won’t break your budget and will literally change your company’s performance? Let me know!

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