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Be Strategic in How You Handle Success

December 16, 2014

Celebrate Success StrategicallyBe Strategic in Sharing Your Success

People often prepare for failure, but they rarely prepare for what they will do when they succeed. Even when we consciously want to be successful, enjoying that success can be a challenge. Being successful can leave others envious, and even hoping to see you fail. To avoid causing resentment, it’s important to learn when, where, and how to share the good news. When you discuss your wins, talk about other things you are still developing so as not to appear boastful. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your victories — just don’t flaunt them. Celebrate the value you bring, not winning per se. It’s also important to keep looking for new challenges. No one wants to be bored, even at the top. When you have mastered something, ask yourself: How can you innovate around this?

Adapted from “The Unexpected Consequences of Success” by Srini Pillay.

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