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The Thing About Futuristic Thinking

December 5, 2014

Bill BonstetterBill Bonnstetter, Chairman of TTI Success Insights, an international talent assessment and organizational development company and developer of TriMetrix talent assessments, DISC behavioral assessments and 360 Feedback Surveys wrote an article about futuristic thinking, How We Can All Contemplate The Future Of The Workplace,  that was published recently in one of my favorite magazines, Fast Company, in the Leadership section.

Below is Bill’s intro:

How Will We Think About Stress, Gaining Knowledge and Soft Skills in the Coming Years?

It’s become clear to me just how few of us in society are truly able to think into the future.

From a neurological standpoint, this is not surprising, as the brain is wired to store past experiences and use them as a library to understand and react to life as we move forward.

It is not wired particularly well for projecting future events.

The ability to see past the immediate circumstances of life and envision the future in rich detail is quite rare.

Click here to read the rest of Bill’s article appearing in Fast Company.

A big thanks to Bill Bonnstetter for the article.

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