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How to Change the Company Culture Overnight

November 21, 2014

Many of our clients are recognizing the “extreme” value of increasing accountability within the organizations at the individual level. Along this line of thinking, the HR and talent management mantra for the past five years has been “increase employee engagement”. Leaders recognize that greater employee engagement will lead to greater goal achievement at the enterprise level. But few organizations see the benefits of pushing out a high-impact program company-wide. Leaders that “get it” invest budget dollars for what I’m about to share but without an organization-wide roll-out of this strategy, there will continue to be pockets of low engagement and accountability. This piecemeal approach undermines those leaders that are proactively addressing the challenge due to the highly cross-functional nature of work. Undermining those leaders that are ahead of the curve ultimately undermines the effectiveness of the entire organization.

What to Do

Accountability requires tools and strategies that everyone can understand and follow. The strategy you choose must involve both management and employees. Here are the key components that must be addressed for a program that will change the culture overnight (and yes, we do this work and our clients have the evidence that shows the impact):

  • Individual self-awareness, boss awareness of individual talents, abilities and skills
  • Team communication skill development
  • Role clarity
  • Manager-as-coach skill development

Each of these components, when implemented, have resulted in “next day” and sustained comments that things are different, things are better, achievement is happening. Put them all together and you eliminate the risk of organizational barriers to success. Everyone is singing from the same song sheet. Everyone uses the same tools, both in work groups and cross-functionally. In fact, employees and managers actually get excited when they see a “past adversary” using the tools and building collaboration.

If you are looking for a program ready to be implemented and want more details, give us a call or complete the information request form below. The ROI will be clear.

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