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Boost Your Team’s Performance with a Talent-to-Accountabilities Map

April 25, 2014

A Talent-to-Accountabilities Map is useful in two situations – where either improvement of team performance or effective cross-training and career development of individuals is the goal. If your team isn’t functioning as well as it should, ask whether employees are in the right roles. People are much more engaged, happier and more productive if they have opportunities to use their skills. Alignment of abilities and responsibilities can go off course over time as organizational needs evolve. Get back on track by creating a team key accountabilities map: a visual tool that allows you to see where skills are lacking or duplicated on a team. The tool  can help you see the gaps and realign people’s individual key accountabilities to fit their skills and abilities, and result in greater productivity, high performance, and reduced turnover.

  • Assess people’s skills by looking at both their accomplishments and assessments.
  • Establish up to seven team key accountabilities
  • List each team member’s primary talent strengths in hierarchy order.
  • Analyze how each skill and ability matches with their assigned accountabilities

Team KA vs Talent Matrix

Interested in learning more about the TriMetrix® talent assessment or our patented job benchmarking process that accurately identifies a role’s talent requirements including required competencies, behavioral demands, rewards/culture?

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