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Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report – What HR Should be Impacting – But Isn’t

March 11, 2014

A report just out by Deloitte (by Josh Bersin and a global team of researchers) aligns with what we see in diverse companies across industry and size. The report identifies three key areas of strategic focus – a great starting point for an HR dashboard.

The 2014 report highlights 12 critical human capital trends organized into three broad areas:
Lead and develop: The need to broaden, deepen, and accelerate leadership development
at all levels; build global workforce capabilities; re-energize corporate learning by putting employees in charge; and fix performance management.

Attract and engage: The need to develop innovative ways to attract, source, recruit, and access talent; drive passion and engagement in the workforce; use diversity and inclusion as a business strategy; and find ways to help the overwhelmed employee deal with the flood of information and distractions in the workplace

Transform and reinvent: The need to create a global HR platform that is robust and flexible enough to adapt to local needs; re-skill HR teams; take advantage of cloud-based HR technology; and implement HR data analytics to achieve business goals

Three key strategic areas of focus for human capital management

Three key strategic areas of focus for human capital management

The Nielson Group is delivering real-time solutions to close the gap between hype and readiness, provide results-oriented coaching and development, identify enterprise-wide talent capabilities, use disruptive talent assessment technology to identify talent and redefine talent acquisition success metrics from “time-to-fill” to “quality of hire”, increase employee engagement at all levels, integrating diversity inclusion goals with high potential development goals, increase cross-functional team collaboration and assist HR in becoming skilled business consultants.

Jeitosa Strategy GraphicWhen it comes to transformation and reinvention using strategic HR technology, The Nielson Group refers clients to  Jeitosa Group International. 

Jeitosa offers superior expertise within a broad set of services for Human Resources with significant global reach and hands-on knowledge of global leading practices, local business processes, and country-specific legislative requirements around the world. Their Global Enterprise Model (GEM) addresses the key components of every business endeavor — Organization, People, Process, and Technology all of which are linked together and driven by the organization’s HR Strategy and governed and measured by Management

If you are needing to “move the needle” within your talent management strategies, complete the “Request for Call” below and we’ll schedule an appointment.

If you are considering an HR technology transformation, check out Jeitosa Group International. We’ll be glad to make introductions for you. We give Jeitosa our strongest recommendation.

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