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Limit Constant Communication to Get More Done

March 4, 2014

Eliminate Roadblocks to Team PerformanceIt is amazing to see how many meetings my clients are in each day. Is it a good thing? Hard to say. If all of the meetings have a clear purpose or agenda, all attendees received the value needed to justify the time and the meeting contributed to the achievement of goals, then “death by meetings” is a necessary evil.

We then have e-mails, texts, and voice mail. You might be surprised to hear that some successful executives deliberately limit their phone, text and email use. And meeting-by-walking around can actually eliminate a few meetings.

It’s not easy to manage a team by phone —but it is happening more and more.

Though phone conversations are a fine way to broadcast simple information, thoughtful listening while on the phone can be challenging. If you need to exchange and analyze ideas, you might be better off meeting in person, so try holding your most important conversations face-to-face.

Whether face-to-face or by phone, prepare a journal page for organizing your agenda and thoughts ahead of time. And in the meeting, close your e-mail and text app on your computer and cell phone. Others in the meeting get very angry toward those that are multitasking in the meeting. It is a sign of disrespect. Provide undivided attention. Consider that most high-value cognitive processes happen only when you step away from the frenetic responsiveness of email. Plenty of studies show that the brain is incapable of multitasking when comes to paying attention.  And that your 24-hour availability might be hampering your team’s initiative. Weaker team members may rely on your responses, but you and your team will get more done if they work more autonomously.

Whether by phone or in person, always facilitate conversations with intention. The 5-step conversation model is highly effective at producing maximum engagement and productive use of time with the least amount of conflict.

If you are interested in learning more about how to bring the 5-step conversation model into your organization, and see your organization’s culture change practically overnight, complete the inquiry form below:

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