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Is Your Executive Candidate Assessment Giving You What You Need?

January 23, 2014

The Nielson Group  is offering a complimentary executive candidate assessment so you can compare your current executive candidate assessment evaluation solution versus The Nielson Group’s executive candidate assessment solution.  This is a no cost, no obligation opportunity. What we are offering is one executive assessment, summary evaluation and phone debriefing for the hiring manager and HR.

Why Are We Doing This?

We have been conducting executive assessments for over ten years. As the assessment technology advances, we have advanced. We are now hearing from our clients consistent feedback that we’ve provided a better, faster and cheaper assessment offering that makes the considerably more expensive offerings from DDI, PDI and other big name firms completely unnecessary.

Simply put, we want to showcase our assessment service. If you are evaluating your assessment solutions, we encourage you to take advantage of this offer.

This is a Win-Win Offer

First, you will receive no invoice and no sales calls. We work with you in a consultative role. You will receive the complete executive evaluation assessment report plus the executive summary for your candidate and a phone debriefing. No selling – we promise. We let our product and service speak for itself.

Bonus Reward

For companies with 100 or more employees, after test-driving our assessment offering on a candidate, if you like what you received and want to go to the next step of using our assessment suite more broadly, we’ll set up a private assessment center at no cost. This gives your company the opportunity to leverage your branding, control assessment administration within multiple cost centers and distribute reports to key process owners automatically. The private assessment center can be used to administer assessments for both internal development and the full range of applicants for other roles besides just management level.

What We Need From You

To participate, complete the simple interest form below. We’ll email the instructions to you within one business day.

Your candidate will receive the assessment administration instructions from you. We will never be talking with your candidate. We will also coach you on what interview questions will improve the quality of the interview and create clarity about the person’s fit to your open position.

Complete the contact form below to request one complimentary executive assessment.

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