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Is There a Gap Between IT and Your Business?

January 21, 2014

Alignment, Engagement, IT success, TeambuildingIn many companies there’s a chasm between information technology (IT) groups and business teams, which don’t always consider IT a major player. Businesses would be better served by leveraging every byte of knowledge IT can bring.

  • Give IT a fair chance. When a company changes systems, people often blame IT for imposing something on them. Or business silos complain that “systems don’t talk,” when the root issue is that siloed departments don’t talk. It’s easy to blame IT, but matters are rarely that simple.
  • Business teams should ask, “How do we expect IT to help us compete?” Critical investment in technology is about building organizational capabilities. Few information technologies qualify as strategic — they will likely be out of date in five years — but developing the ability to keep pace with the technology curve must be viewed as a strategic goal.
  • Ensure cross-functional team building occurs at the onset of system implementation projects. Cross-functional refers to members of the business unit/user organization and IT. Team building must include an individual development component.
  • Hire for fit. IT knowledge is not what makes IT professionals successful. The soft skills applied to the use of that knowledge to accomplish business goals are what create success.

The Nielson Group provides “best in class” team building strategies and programs that raise the soft skills IQ of all individuals and build collaboration skills. The result – projects completed on time, problems recognized and fixed quickly, less stress, avoidance of unwanted turnover and higher user group engagement and alignment. For more information, contact Carl Nielson at 972.346.2892.

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