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Hiring Best Practices – What CEOs Need to Know

February 11, 2013

CEOs Need to Know - Hiring Best PracticesHave you ever hired someone who just didn’t get it? To add insult to injury, you thought you vetted the best candidates and the final selection did beautifully in all 12 interviews. Your search firm consultant swore you had a top hire. You used behavior-based interview questions. All of your internal interviewers had been trained on how to conduct an interview and hire. Within the first week on the job, you started to have concerns. After 30 days you were losing confidence. After six months, well, you felt something had to change.

The Nielson Group provides its clients with a candidate evaluation process that consistently works to identify the real top candidates. The scenario above is happening in most organizations. But it isn’t happening for our clients. Don’t take our word for it. We are glad to provide client references that will tell you their experience.

Here is a sampling of what a true best practice looks like:

TriMetrix HD measures talentClient stops using a $6,500 applicant assessment process (I/O psychologist evaluation) for executive hiring (Director level and above). Replaces with The Nielson Group’s TriMetrix HD Talent assessment creating significant savings for the company and improving their hiring decisions.  The client has used TriMetrix HD for all professional hires and found the accuracy and ability to show all aspects of the person’s talent related to success on the job to be far greater than anything else in the market. The final candidate that was offered the job turned out to be an internal candidate from another division of this Fortune 250 company. The executive had been put through the I/O psychologist review (full day) as well as the TriMetrix HD assessment (takes 40 minutes). Here is what he said in a meeting 30 days after starting his new job:

“I reviewed my TriMetrix report [taken as a candidate]. Incredible. You identified more about me than the I/O psychologist review and your report was more relevant and tangible. I am just wondering why the division I came from isn’t using TriMetrix. We are supposed to be one company. We are supposed to be sharing these types of best practices. “

New clients can’t help themselves, disregard TriMetrix results to their own detriment. Almost every one of our clients disregards the TriMetrix at the beginning. The excuses sound legitimate enough:

“The final candidate interviewed well and the references were stellar.” 

“We were short-handed and s/he was the best candidate from our perspective even though the TriMetrix didn’t agree.”

“Their technical skills and experience were exactly what we needed.”

While we don’t wish for our clients to disregard our advice, it actually works to our favor and shortens the learning curve for our clients. We show the client why the candidate isn’t a good fit, that the probability of the person being successful is very unlikely but we don’t tell the client “not to hire”. We believe strongly in giving consideration to all the information you have and your current state situation. In the end, you have to measure the risks associated with failure vs the risks associated with not hiring this person. We get it. But when the story plays out and the client reports the failure, we conduct a postmortem with the client so they understand more about how to be successful in the future. We also provide a complimentary “cost of” analysis using many metrics such as unwanted turnover and cost of hiring.

We are TriMetrix Job Benchmarking ExpertsThe next time you hire someone who turns out not to “get it”, gives us a call. We measure “get-it-ness”.

Our Best Practice: The Nielson Group assists managers with developing key accountabilities for any position that are aligned with and properly support organizational goals. Our next step is for the client to  benchmark the talent requirements of the job. This benefits both the hiring process and developing internal talent. We also provide executive coaching, team development and high-potential development services. Ask about our TriMetrix® HD total talent management system. Learn more by contacting Carl Nielson at or calling at 972.346.2892. Our website is Connect on LinkedIn.

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